One off Garden Tidy Ups - Cutting Hedge™ Surrey Gardening Service

One off Garden Tidy Ups

Need a quick garden tidy up

Then our general ad hoc garden tidy up service, is ideal for you. We will bring along all tools (lawn mowers, ladders, spades, rakes etc), waste bags and any other tool that may be required on the selected gardening day.

If you require pressure washing, lawn scarification or hedge trimming, long ladders please inform us so we can bring along the correct tools on the day. Our booking slots are as follows:

Two (2) hours with two (2) gardeners
Four (4) hours with two (2) gardeners
Eight (8) hours with two (2) gardeners

Our green waste removal is optional and we can arrange for this to be taken to the nearest recycling center in Surrey.

If you looking for a regular service cutting Hedge Surrey can off fortnightly, weekly and monthly gardening services.

For further information and to book one of our one off tidy ups please use our contact page.

Special Offers

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