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Privacy & Term

Privacy & Term

Privacy Policy

The company values the concerns of all their valuable customers. For us the customer privacy policy is a very significant feature of the business. We at Cutting Hedge, have constructed and designed the Privacy policies for safeguarding the interest of all our customers. All the visitors are requested are informed to carefully go through the policy details. They must read the page prior to disclosing any specific information about themselves in the website.

The details are collected with the sole motive of providing customer-friendly and best service to all our customers. For this, we need some of the vital details of the customers that could be provided by filling up the form. The further paragraphs contain the details about the application of the information for enhancing the level of our service.

The details extracted from the customers

As we do not promote cookies we need some valuable information about our customers. This helps us in having better knowledge about their requirement. The details the company will ask for include:

  • Customer’s Name
  • Residential Address
  • Contact information
  • Email id

The information collected assists the company in updating the status to their valuable customers. But, in no circumstances are the details used for promotional aspects.

How are the details utilized and secured?

The company is fully concerned about the details shared by the customers. Therefore, we follow certain strict precautions for preserving details.

The details can be accessed only by the selected officials and under any circumstances, even they are not allowed to make a disclosure.

Terms to be followed by the clients:

The application of the services of Cutting Hedge ensures that the clients have gone through the company’s privacy policies. Prior to moving over to the website, it is a humble request to carefully go through the terms mentioned below. The clients need to follow the conditions for the sheer purpose of browsing the web pages.

  • The information and details available in the pages are indicated towards the service rendered by our company. For any sort of inaccuracy found in the contents we will not be found guilty.
  • In certain pages, there is a possibility of contents, being presented voluntarily. The company has no claims over providing full accuracy of the details.
  • The visitors of the site are humbly requested to make a comparison of information with other related sources. The company is not liable for any misguiding information.
  • The content and images of the company or the logo are fully protected by copyrighting the website. Any sort of copying of the details is legally unapproved. If found guilty doing the same, he/ she will be liable for strict legal jurisdictions.
  • The company does not promote any sort of duplicity of website materials.

It is hereby informed to all that the company is solely authorized for bringing in any changes to the Terms & conditions over the due course of time. The company has the authority of making necessary and required changes. The events could take place without even providing a prior notice to the visitors.