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Cutting Hedge Irrigation systems

Cutting Hedge irrigation systems is approved Rainbird installer we offer a professional design based on your own garden. Our fully listed quotes will provide the exact list of sprinklers, tubes and fittings needed to cover your garden.

Cutting Hedge irrigation systems offers:

A UK native Wildflower Turf suitable for green roof applications.

Expert Garden Irrigation design and installation across Surrey

Spring, summer and winterization

Sprinkler adjustment

Commercial landscape irrigation garden watering systems

Supply and repair quality irrigation components for domestic and commercial systems

Automatic watering irrigation systems

Rain and water harvesting systems

Turfing and laying of a new lawn can always be a stressful time especially if you have to water a large area. Cutting Hedge Surrey Turfing can install pop up sprinklers, solenoid valves and tubing all below ground surface. Your newly laid turf will now be watered automatically from a controller. A rain sensor can be connected to your system making sure watering only takes place when needed.

There are three types controllers for irrigation system, battery powered controllers, electrical controllers and wifi controllers.

Battery powered controllers are mainly for one and two zone systems and connected to a tap. Electric controllers will require an out door electric socket and are the most reliable means of controllers allowing for more than 2 zones to be connected, this will make sure every part of your garden is watered.

Wifi enabled irrigation controllers can connect to your home wifi and function off any smart phone by application. This means you can open and close your irrigation system from any where in the world.

Cutting Hedge watering solution’s offer a wide range of sprinklers suited to commercial and domestic gardens. When choosing a sprinkler it is important to look at garden size, radius, flow and water pressure. Cutting hedge watering systems can offer different irrigation solutions for pots, lawns, shrubs and flower beds making sure they all link up and operate under one controller.

During times of drought which often occurs in high summer its important to make sure plants, lawns and pots get water. Cutting hedge rainwater harvesting systems can collect rainwater and store it in tanks that can be above or below ground. Rainwater harvesting can be a safe solution for water supply, during water restrictions.

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